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What is MLM?

Multilevel Marketing began more than 60 years ago as part of the direct selling industry and has served a significant role in the introduction of many new consumer products and services to the marketplace. MLM, also known as network marketing, has had particular success as a vehicle to introduce many of the "new to the world" concepts in natural health products, weight loss and skin care products that we now consider commonplace in our everyday life.

In recent years, MLM has been adapted to technology-based products and services with amazing success. Dozens of companies have emerged to market telecommunications including long distance, local phone service, and even cell phones while others now encompass e-commerce and other web-based products. From life and health insurance to dental and legal services, every imaginable consumer product or service need is now fair game for this channel of distribution. As a result of this evolving marketplace, federal, state and local governmental agencies have recognized MLM as a legitimate channel of distribution, even as they have actively responded to the need for rational regulation within the industry.

The MLM industry currently consists of well over 2,000 companies in the United States, with sales of more than $28 billion annually. According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA), approximately 13 million Americans participate in this industry as independent sales people, and the number is growing every day as more and more individuals take part in the entrepreneurial explosion that is reshaping every sector of the economy.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant's "downline", and can provide multiple levels of compensation. Other terms for MLM include pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing.

Most commonly, the salespeople are expected to sell products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing.Some people use direct selling as a synonym for MLM, although MLM is only one type of direct selling, which started centuries ago with peddling.

MLM companies have been a frequent subject of criticism as well as the target of lawsuits. Criticism has focused on their similarity to illegal pyramid schemes, price fixing of products, high initial start-up costs, emphasis on recruitment of lower-tiered salespeople over actual sales, encouraging if not requiring salespeople to purchase and use the company's products, potential exploitation of personal relationships which are used as new sales and recruiting targets, complex and sometimes exaggerated compensation schemes, and cult-like techniques which some groups use to enhance their members' enthusiasm and devotion.

In contrast to MLM is single-level marketing, where the salesperson is rewarded for selling the product directly to the consumer.

Multi Level Networking Business Plan Analysis Service:
We have professional and highly experience team with strong computer and mathematics knowledge who can provide complete analysis of you compensation plan. Once your plan is analysed by our experts you don't have to worry about it. They will show complete MLM business profit and loss and balance sheet for you business plan.

We have also developed free online binary calculator which is available in this website. Our binary MLM calculator is web based software and not merely mathematical formula like excel. We provide you an opportunity to simulate your binary business plan in real time. This is similar to running a real MLM business website and not just a calculator.
Best MLM Plan Analysis service for MLM Software
You just need to enter your business plan details and our system will generate complete calculations in minutes.
Before we use the binary MLM Income calculator, it would be wise to take a minute to consider some important points that you need to understand before you make a decision to join a MLM company or start your own MLM Company.
  • Most of the MLM companies fail to release payout as promised because they realize the loss after few months from the start of their MLM business
  • In binary system, as the team is growing it becomes difficult and practically impossible to calculate profit & loss on a sheet of paper
  • It is difficult to decide the right combination of joining amount, pair match, ceiling and depth to frame a profitable and attractive MLM business plan
How to Build a Profitable Mlm Business?
MLM's (Multi-Level Marketing companies) are the best home based businesses in the world! They have made more MILLIONAIRES than any other type of business. Many of these people were regular people living paycheck to paycheck. MLM's provide turnkey operations with full product lines, customer support for you and your customers, marketing materials, training, and support, and even give you free customized websites for you to promote your product or services. Find out here how to make your mlm profitable.

1. How do you make money in an MLM? You start the process of making money by doing product research and using your own products all the time. How can you promote your products if you don't use them and truly believe in them. Have them with you at all times, use them as often as possible and become a WALKING BILLBOARD for yours products!

2. Market and Sell some of your items as often as possible. Many successful entrepreneurs never spend their own money on business expenses. They use other people money. HOW? They offer and sell their product. This covers any business expenses AND puts IMMEDIATE profit into their pockets every month. This will also keep you "in the black" as you build your teams. The other benefit of being immediately successful is showing others how they can also operate their business with immediate profits.

3. Find other "Success-Minded" people who are looking to make a lifestyle change like yourself. The key is to ask EVERYONE the question. Don't take it personal if they say no. They are not saying no to you, they are saying no to the opportunity. PLUS if they say no to the opportunity they will MOST LIKELY purchase your product. It's a WIN/WIN. Offer, Offer , Offer.

4. Find other "Success-Minded" people who are looking to make a lifestyle change like yourself. The key is to ask EVERYONE the question. Don't take it personal if they say no. They are not saying no to you, they are saying no to the opportunity. PLUS if they say no to the opportunity they will MOST LIKELY purchase your product. It's a WIN/WIN. Offer, Offer , Offer.

5. Go DEEP first. Keep driving your first leg down deep. Put new recruits down your first leg and tell others to do the same. This will motivate your team 10 fold. Then after your leg is 20-50 deep start another leg and teach every member in your team to do the same.

6. Recap on the keys to your success: Use your products always and keep samples with you always, offer the opportunity to everyone, then offer the product, retail to people to be profitable in your first month, Build your business with integrity and with a helpful heart, and drive your legs deep before you go wide. Follow these steps and you will get rich...with great friends, warm moments, and a beautiful residual monthly income!
MLM Leaders Details:
With our extensive marketing contacts and past experience we are able to provide MLM Leaders contacts for start-up MLM companies.

You can register in our website for free and download leaders database. In this website you will find list of all registered Mera MLM Leaders details. MLM Leaders database consists of their full name, mobile number, email id, gender, age, location details and much more. However, you need to register for free to get complete details of any MLM Leader.
MLM Leaders Contact Details
You can freely send them message or chat with them anytime on Mera MLM Classifieds website. Leaders Database consists of MLM Leaders from Bihar, Haryana, Maharashtra, Kerala, West Bengal, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Assam, Rajasthan, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and other states and countries across the world.

Contact them and make your MLM Business know across top MLM Leaders in the World.
Multilevel Marketing Success
There are two things every MLM company must protect in order to have any potential for success its integrity and its momentum. If it loses either one of these, it will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to recover. To protect these two crown jewels, the company has four very basic responsibilities:

1. Deliver a quality product- Whatever product the company sells must meet or exceed the expectations of its customers. Whatever benefit it claims to offer, it must at least fully deliver that benefit. Otherwise, there will be no credibility. If a company is in the vitamin business, the product better make you feel good. If the company is in the soap business, the soap better get your hands clean. And if the company claims to be in the business of saving you money on your long-distance, then, all else being equal, you'd better have a lower long-distance bill.

2. Deliver the product on time - MLM is a business of managed psychology. Distributor enthusiasm is literally the life-blood of any MLM business. Peoples' feelings wax and wane. However, they do so in a predictable cycle.

When a new distributor signs up, he or she will be very enthusiastic for a few days. Chances are, the distributor will either sell to or recruit a few of his or her closest friends and family members during this time. If a company can reinforce that distributor's decision to become a distributor by promptly and professionally delivering the product they have ordered, the distributor will look good in the eyes of those whose opinions matter most to him or her. The distributor will then settle in to build his or her business, secure in the knowledge that the company is reliable.

But if the company is late delivering the product, the company will have embarrassed the distributor in front of his or her friends right at that distributor's greatest point of vulnerability. Chances are, the distributor will get a serious case of buyer's remorse and quit, thereby eliminating all future sales that might have resulted from that distributor and that distributor's entire potential down-line.

3. Pay the distributors, accurately and on time - Most people who join MLM companies begin as part-time independent contractors. They usually keep their "day job." But they typically begin with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the opportunity, and an expectation that they may eventually be able to replace their day job with a full time income from their own business. If so, they will be able to live where they want to live, spend their time as they choose, and be freed from the drudgery of, and dependence upon, their job.

It is this dream of freedom and self-determination that is at the very heart of MLM. In pursuit of this dream, people are willing to overcome their fears of rejection and put forth the effort required to become successful in sales. For many people, it is the very first time in their lives they have really accepted that they are in control of their own future. Their belief system becomes, "I can do this!"

But if the Company fails to pay the distributor as promised, the distributor is suddenly confronted with the fear that someone else is actually still in control of their financial future - that he or she might do everything they are supposed to do, and yet the company could sabotage their dream. As a result, the confidence is destroyed and the enthusiasm evaporates. The distributor feels betrayed. Almost always, the distributor will immediately stop working.

Sometimes, the depth of the distributor's faith is such that he or she will give the company the benefit of the doubt for a while, hoping that it's just a clerical error, or some other problem that will soon be resolved so they can get on with the dream. But if the pattern continues, the distributor will become embittered and will want no further association with the company. In fact, in many cases, the distributor will go out of his or her way to share his or her disappointment with others, shifting the power of the referral marketing system into reverse, and creating a permanent negative.

This can have a very long-lasting impact, in that the distributor may not distinguish between the company and the apparent leadership, in the form of senior distributors who may have made the group presentation, or otherwise been visible as representatives of the organization. Even if these people move on to other, more reputable companies, they may never again have the opportunity to do business with someone whose dream was shattered by the company with whom that leader was previously associated.

4. Support the distributors - In order to build their businesses, distributors must have access to certain information about their production, qualification levels, flow of business, down-line performance, etc. The company should make this information readily, and accurately, available to its distributors.

Another part of supporting the distributors is providing attractive, easy-to-understand marketing materials and appropriate distributor training. Of course, all reference information should be available either in the manual (including periodic updates published in the company's newsletter), or on the company's website.

The most important part of supporting the distributors is communication, both collectively and individually. The company should have a regular newsletter in print or electronic form and a password-protected "distributors only" section in its web site, to assure prompt, consistent dissemination of collective information, such as schedules of events, updates on products and prices, upcoming changes in materials or training procedures, etc.

The distributor will ask these questions related to communication:
  • Is my company proactive in its efforts to communicate?
  • Does it volunteer information in a spirit of openness, or does it only "cough it up" when forced to do so?
  • Does the company get the word out quickly?
  • Is the information provided accurately?
  • Can I count on what the company tells me?
And when distributors call the company's distributor support representatives to ask questions about specific customers, or to reconcile their commission accounts, or to complain about problems or offer suggestions, they should always get prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and accurate service.

But above all else, whatever the company says must be true! In order for any dream to survive, there must be trust. When a distributor enrolls in the business, he or she is entrusting that company with his or her dream. Implicit in the decision to invest time, money and personal reputation into their business is the belief that the company operates from a basis of integrity and will always treat them fairly. Furthermore, since they are usually referring the products to, and sharing the business opportunity with, family and friends, they are attaching their personal reputation to the integrity of the company. If the company tells them something that turns out to be untrue, the cornerstone of trust crumbles.

This channel of distribution can fast forward success for the aggressive yet wise entrepreneur. While it is not easy, there is a proven pathway that has been paved by many before you. Learn from their mistakes and apply the historical success formulas of others to turn your own dream into a solid and respected business model.
MLM Legal:
Is MLM legal? Unless a particular country has laws that prohibit direct selling, MLM is usually perfectly legal. Some countries, states or provinces have laws or regulations that may limit what you're permitted to do in your MLM business (such as Not For Retail, cooling-off periods, no products kit sales in the first week or month or similar). The UK and Canada have laws that govern how you conduct your MLM business. So do some other countries. These laws are usually a well-meaning attempt by authorities to prevent unethical conduct. Unfortunately, they're really an attempt to control motives and attitudes, which can't be legislated, so they too often end up having the wrong effect on the wrong people.

Legal Concerns: Legally speaking, MLM's have been legal in Singapore since June 2000, when the government finally recognised it as a method of product distribution, rather than a Pyramid Scheme. The U.S. government (the land where MLM's first originated with a links2 called Amway) has slapped a whole list of conditions on an MLM system to set it apart from Pyramid Schemes.

Is MLM ethical? Like the question above, the answer is yes - depending on your motives and methods (why and how you do it). The principles on which MLM is based are completely ethical. However, unethical people can introduce practices (such as "front end loading") which are entirely unethical. Others try to cover up the fact that their business is MLM, or the identity of their MLM company, or that you need to sell, using deceptive practices that are, in reality, unethical.

None of this means that MLM itself is unethical. It just means that, like in industries where a great deal of money can be made (cars, white goods, real estate, etc), you'll find people who are prepared to exploit and manipulate others for gain. MLM is no different. All this really proves is that there's obviously a lot of money to be made in MLM, or those parasites wouldn't bother.

Ethical Concerns: Many MLM's toe a very thin line to Pyramid Schemes. The problem does not lie with the marketing system (which actually represents a very cheap method of product distribution for the parent links2). Rather, it lies with the people who promote the products. In some cases, the way the system is run by the links2 also makes it a form of legalised Pyramid Scheme (if there is such a thing).
MLM Software Consulting:

Our MLM Software consulting service is focused on MLM client success and we have been providing this service from our inception. MLM Software consulting service is mainly focused on website designing, website features, software features, server configuration, data security and other technical aspects on MLM project. None of the above job is one time, we need to keep on working and upgrading out self from time to time.

We have tried to provide some of the basic information that is required for any one to decide on a MLM software or website. Feel free to contact our experts anytime for complete details.

1. Attractive MLM Website:
In the modern MLM era with full of competition, it is not just recommended but mandatory to have an attracted, user friendly and informative website for your MLM Business. As a common fact that MLM business is done only though the website, it plays a vital role in the success of any MLM company.

There are wide array of websites which use a number of useful features to achieve their goals. Below is a list covering some of these features:
  • Customizable Home Page: Display products you want to push, on the home page Customizable sections with link to a list of products you select for that section's.
  • Product Slide Shows: A customizable slide show linked to the detail page of the product or the listing page of the category you choose to display.
  • News section: Publish happenings at your company on your home page to keep distributors instantly updated.
  • Flash Intro Page: A Flash introduction customized to your company's branding will open before the Home Page.
  • Franchise corner: It will help members to find local franchise in his area. This page can be static or dynamic based on the business requirement.
  • Online Registration: The registration form allows visitors to sign-up online and register a user name and password.
  • Pass Word Protected Distributor Area: Registered distributors can log in to use special services and tools.
  • Achiever Image Gallery: Share your Hi-Resolution member's pictures in achiever gallery. pictures can be inserted by admin or through software.
  • Admin Control Panel to manage the website: An easy to use interface that allows your team or you to manage daily tasks Add new product, edit/update product information, Add Category & Sub Category. Map products to Offers & Specials, Update order status and more.
  • Website Statistics: Track how many visitors to your website, at what time, from where, referrer website list.
  • Customer Feedback: User or visitors can leave feedback on your website with or without log-in. It will be sent to you email id.
  • Google maps integration: In contact page, your company address can be integrated using Google maps so that customers, visitors and user can easily locate your office.
  • Google AdSense: Make money by adding to your site.
  • Bookmarks this site: Option for users, visitor or members to book mark the site for quick future reference.
  • Search engine friendly: MLM website should be more of html and not much of flash to make it more search engine friendly. There are companies who can help you to market your site in various search engines.
This list is never complete because web is growing every day. There are new set of standards finding its way in MLM websites every minute.
2. Complete MLM Software:
To succeed in MLM business one should be very careful in deciding on MLM software. This is something which will decide your success or failure in MLM business. We have been providing MLM Software services from last 7 years and some of our clients are very successful in their MLM business. Some of the basic and important things that you need to verify before your buy any MLM software is listed below:
  • Accuracy in business plan calculations.
  • Integration with payment gateway, SMS gateway and email gateway.
  • Complete admin access to software to manage entire mlm business.
  • Technical support from the software development company
  • Replicated Websites for all members
  • Online shopping module for sales, billing and inventory management.
  • Secure website and software using CAPTCHA code and OTP
  • Advance genealogy, down-line, e-pin, e-wallet and accounting facilities
  • Integration with social networking sites like facebook, orkut, Google+ and twitter
  • Complete updates and informations in website and member log-in such as news, blogs, announcements, seminar details, franchise details, welcome letter, terms and conditions, bank details, company legal information etc.
  • Option for printing bills or invoices, address labels, cheque printing, online bank transfer and many other MLM office admin works should be done by software.
  • Least but not the last, excel down-loadable reports from admin panel.
You can visit our MLM Software page to know all possible features and facilities that you can get in DNB MLM Software solutions.
3. Dedicated Server:
Creating attractive website and developing robust MLM software is not the only work; it has to be hosted in dedicated server or VPS (virtual private server) to give your website the best performance and speed. We are partnered with industry leaders and we can provide your best and affordable VPS or dedicated server space for your mlm project.

We also own servers in our Bangalore office and this gives us cutting edge speed on all MLM websites hosted in our server. Also, we have dedicated technical team to take back-up of you website data and make sure you website is working all the time 24 hours and 365 days.
MLM Marketing Tips:

We have more than 10 years of experience in marketing various products and services in INDIA. Our expert marketing team can help your MLM company to get market presence by using Bulk SMS, Mass Mailing and Tele-calling. We can also provide database for your city.

Though you can reach thousands of prospects for your mlm business. It is completely free and very easy. Also, there is dedicated customer support available to help you success in marketing your MLM company.

You can try few or all of the below listed activities to market your MLM company.

  • Banner ads in MLM Classified websites such as
  • Link advertisement in emails and flayers.
  • Bulk SMS from genuine and trusted SMS Service provide.
  • Website submission to all popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Blog marketing of your company MLM business plan in various blogging sites.
  • Mass emailing using bulk mailing software's like
  • Tele calling using customer support teams of your own.
  • Organizing seminars or mass meetings in your location.
You can visit advertiser concept to get more details on marketing your MLM company.
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