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Various MLM Business Plans

In this page you will find ,details on the most commonly used business plans in network marketing industry. However, there is no limit on creativity and once can design a network marketing plan which never exists. Also, one website can combine one or many MLM plans to be offered as a package.

American Binary Income Plan

American Binary mostly known as Binary Income Plan in INDIA is very successful plan and is suitable for both products and Services MLM companies. This plan is also used as value added plan along with Investment Plan, Survey Income Plan, SMS Business Plan and and many other network marketing business plans.
  • Multiple Joining packages like Rs 500, Rs 1500, Rs 5000 and so on
  • First pair 2:1 or 1:2 and there on 1:1 pair match commission
  • Weekly ceiling of 50 pairs
  • Unlimited depth
  • Power leg carry-forward
American Binary Plan Software
Survey Income Plan
DNB MLM Software for Survey Survey Income Plan is very fast moving and instant money making plans in present time. Company pays members to take surveys and provide their opinions on the advertisements. This plan is also called as advertisement plan where members are paid to see advertisement (video and audio). Most of the time Survey Income Plan is accompanied by Binary, Rewards and Royalty business plans.
  • 2 Surveys in on week
  • Survey expires if not taken
  • Rs 300 commission for each survey taken by you and Rs 50 for every survey taken by your down-line
  • Survey income valid for 48 weeks
  • Option to renew survey income after 1 year
Matrix Income Plan

In Matrix income plan there is no rule for placement on down-line. Member can place his down-line as he wants and he can create his own tree in any direction. This plan is suitable for product MLM companies and re-purchase plan is very successful using Matrix MLM plan. In INDIA there are very few companies who have started Any Matrix Income Plan because it is not as good as Binary Income Plan.
  • Unlimited direct referrals
  • No pair match, commission on direct number of referrals
  • Re-purchase or top-up commission facility is possible
  • Unlimited depth
  • All points will be carry forwarded
MLM Matrix Plan Software
Generation Business Plan
Generation Plan Software Generation income plan is suitable only for Insurance Business or Products Income Plan where member has option to re-purchase services and products. Commission in given for self purchase and purchase done by down-line. This plan is very long term plan and it available only in big companies who either manufacture products or doing business in multiple countries.
  • 20 percent commission self purchase
  • 5% commission in direct referrals purchases
  • Car bonus, house bonus, foreign tour and other rewards depending on Business Volume (BV)in your tree
  • Generally 1 year validity with option to renew
  • 100% bank transfer and genuine business plan
Australian Binary Business Plan

Australian Binary is extension on American binary business plan. However, in this income plan member has option to refer more than 2 directs and can create additional parallel legs apart from left and right. This plan is not seen more in the market but it can be easily adopted for any MLM business.
  • Multiple Joining packages like Rs 500, Rs 1500, Rs 5000 and so on
  • 3:1 or 2:1 pair match commission
  • Weekly ceiling of 50 pairs
  • Unlimited depth
  • Power leg carry forward
Australian Binary Software
SMS Income Plan
Software for SMS Income Plan This is the fastest growing business plan in INDIA. Member can get more than 100% return on their investment within one month. Also, in this companies liability is very less. This plan can be used to market any products, services or business opportunity. Members will get SMS in their account and they have to provide mobile number of their friends or relatives.
  • 10 SMS every day
  • Rs 50 per SMS valid for 1 year
  • 100% commission in e-wallet only
  • Member has option to sell their e-wallet and make new members join
  • Option to renew SMS INCOME after 1 month
Spill Over Income Plan

This plan is extension of Binary income and Australian Binary. This plan motivates members to refer more than 2 members. Spill Over income plan can be used for selling products and services in MLM business. There are many companies in the market providing spill over income in their MLM business opportunity.
  • Joining packages like Rs 500, Rs 1500, Rs 5000 and so on
  • Commission on 1:1 pair match
  • Extra spill over income for every spill over in the down-line
  • Unlimited depth
  • Power leg carry forward
Spill Over Income Plan software
Growth Business Plan
Growth Plan software This is unique and risk free income plan for MLM companies. Member will get percentage share of the growth in the company. Growth plan will assure that company is growing and members are getting benefit of the companies growth. However, there is no visibility by members on the growth of the company. Hence, this plan is not very famous in INDIA.
  • Normal Binary or any other MLM business plans
  • Monthly income based on companies growth
  • Different levels of growth percentage for 11 months
  • Member joining valid for 12 months and member gets products or services
  • Option to see companies growth from month to month
Board Income

Board income plan is very popular in INDIA and USA. Boards can be created with any number of members like 3 member, 9 members or 5 members etc. Every time, member completes the board, he will be eligible for commission. Also, there will be referral commission, loyalty bonus and many other incomes along with board income. However, binary can not be combined with board income plan.
  • Suitable for Travel packages selling or insurance policy selling
  • Commission on completion on each board
  • Multiple board at each level
  • Automatic split of board upon completion
  • Other incomes like referral income, royalty income can be given in board plan
Board Plan software
Revolving Matrix Business Plan
Revolving Matrix Plan software
In revolving matrix income plan member will get commission again and again once they complete one matrix. matrix can be 2 X 2 or 3X 3 or 5 X 5. This plan is very common for mobile recharge and other business where member will refer same people again and again.
  • Commission on completing each matrix
  • Option to refer same members again and again
  • Also, there can be royalty income and reward plan in this income plan
  • Top up is mandatory to keep member id active
Auto Pool Income Plan Uni Level Business Plan
Software for Auto Pool Income Uni Level Plan software
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